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TLOTH, Hi! I feel the need to irrationally prove myself to you. You won’t be disappointed! (Maybe.)

My name is Jessica (Jess, J, Jessk, but NEVER Jessie, please). I am 25 and live in scenic Northern California. I work in Marketing, but have plans to quit and go to grad school, hopefully by next fall. I have seven chickens, a cat named Pidjinn, and just ended a 3.75 year relationship. This Monday morning at 1:30 AM.

In May I’m spending a month in Turkey (free of charge!). I am currently attempting to learn Turkish, which is a process I find fascinating, and tell everyone about way more than they’d care to hear.

I love writing, but have never really found much of an audience for my occasional babble. I try to keep that to a minimum here on tumblr, but would like to have more value-added posts than I currently put out there.

People right now are telling me I’m an amazing person, which is nice. I’m trying to live up to the encouragement I am currently receiving.

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  1. ladyofthehouse said: d’aww. no need to prove yourself. You’re you. That’s more than enough!
  2. receiver said: TLOTH is one of my favorites. Ever. :-)
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