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A new study reports that plants enhance the workplace. They cheer people up and they seem to improve air quality and concentration. According to one researcher, adding plants to a workspace served to increase workers’ productivity by 15 percent.

Growing Business — Show Us Your Desk Plant

So, what’s the most productive thing to do while scrolling through Tumblr at work today? Sharing a picture of your desk plant in our comments section, of course.



You know what this summer was? This summer was ISIS, beheadings, missing airplanes, airplanes shot down, religious minorities being persecuted, black Americans being persecuted, militarized police, Iggy Azalea having the “song of the summer,” Robin Williams hanging himself, and finding out Hello Kitty isn’t even a fucking cat.

2014 was the summer of existentialism, and it’s the kind of summer and cultural climate during which we should all discuss the matter of dying sad, scared, confused, and alone more often.
WE ARE YOUR FEK (via kateoplis)
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